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  1. Christian, cuando dices universida latina, te refieres tambien a las que se ubican en los paises latinos como España, Francia, Portugal o Italia? porque dudo que la UNAM de Mexico sea mejor que La Sorbonne, la Autónoma de Madrid o “La Sapienza” en Roma, incluso dudo que sea mejor que la UBA (mira tu mismo las estadísticas en el informe Shanghai)Tambien te lo digo porque estudié en tres de ellas, no solo por la estadística.Entiendo el chovinismo, pero un poquito de rigor hombre!!

  2. Mark, have you been to Dan’s blog? Don’t diss on me until you have. I wasn’t translating the two topics listed above as “I hate George Bush” posts. There are plenty of “I hate Bush” posts, but I was making a total case for the blog “The Good Democrat” being mostly political.

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  4. dont forget the game was rigged to make the feel-good warm n fuzzy storyline play out. Aww their coach just got leukimia, how magical it would be for him to pull out an upset win during pink ribbon month! It’s just sooooo perfeeect, lolz!

  5. That last picture is adorable! This calendar contest was a lot of fun. Wouldn’t it be great if this was continued every year? New people or dig rescues could be chosen as the recipients. (I’m not suggesting you have to be responsible fir running this every year, I imagine it’s a lot of work.) but it was a really great idea, and I hope a lot of calendars are sold.

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  9. Lets see here. There is an illegal alien posing as president and systematically destroying the country. And the tea party wants to lower what? For who? Their leaders are either plants or out of their fucking minds. Somebody over there needs to get a grip on whats been happening. First, remove Barry and all involved. Believe me, your taxes would be lowered faster then leaving Barry and co. in office. What happened to good ol' common sense?

  10. >> all I can say is that night I lost a brother and a part of my conviction. Sakshi, dont take it so seriously. Atleast he is not asking you to sit at home and wait to get married, like pre-Independence days.

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  12. The goal wasn’t the particular fuel who has skyrocketed up to now 36 months…food, entertainment, apparel. Now we’re going to are usually covering typically the President’s 14 year old daughter to go on holiday having 10 pals in Mexico!!

  13. Dear Shannon…..you are just so sweet, and I am so happy for you on your First Anniversary! I love to visit with you, when I can….you have such neat ideas and things to see. God bless you as you go forward with your blog! May it grow beyond your wildest dreams!

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  15. Calendário super acessível! Podemos chegar à 5ª jornada na luz com 12 pontos, se , de uma vez por todas, formos capazes de ter ambição e querer, e não falhar nos momentos chaves!

  16. re:20101:“if anyone needs to be in the streets, it’s the real estate investors”Your wish is coming true even as you watch. Many real estate investors are already on the streets and more are sure to follow. Watch for them on street corners and at transportation hubs.

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  23. I just tried clockwork recovery that didnt work either…SMH…it just stays stuck trying to boot on the rings going in circles all day long. I wiped dalvic cache and factory reset still no results!!! I guess I will stick to the

  24. “Bismarck was amazed”….the little moron could nor understand the basics the ABCof a democracy:”By hearing opposing views, one could acquire new insight.””By working together with people, far more can be accomplished than by single individuals.” DisraeliBright, clear, intelligent:Put it as a quote on GoV together with the lines about the siege of Vienna.

  25. You just discover a major oil deposit under the WB and voila`, Washington will notice the Gaza immediately.Hypocracy is the major trademark of any politician, then comes the ability to lie and cheat. Not to forget the kiss to the backside of the moneybags.

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  30. Lo triste es que hace unos meses EFSA contrató a un nuevo director que proviene de unos de los principales lobbies de la industria alimenticia, así que las cosas no van a mejorar.

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  32. Guess who wrote the following:“artificially created [carbon] markets could be especially open to manipulation….many now think that a carbon charge scheme directed at the least environmentally efficient producers would be simpler and fairer than an emissions trading scheme.” Not to say that this nihilist likes carbon pricing at all, but plainly he prefers a carbon tax (of some sort) to an ETS. He should be congratulating Gillard on her change of heart.

  33. oDriimwihnd,I’m pleased that you like what you see here. There is no ‘automatic’ way to go from English directly to Golic Vulcan (à la Google Translate), but if you have a few things that you need translated and rendered into traditional calligraphy, you can make that request privately via a message to the address on the Contact/Mestau page. I’ll do what I can to assist, time allowing.s’Briht’uhn

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  36. I was wondering about freezing in glass – I am under the impression that it is the crimp in the jar that causes jars to crack when things expand. So a straight-sided jar would be fine, but any jar that constricts at the top (reg. mouth pint and qt, wide mouth qt and half gallon) would be in danger of cracking unless you left quite a bit of headspace. Anyone ever experimented along those lines?

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  38. I remember that tute too Dixie. I think I saw it on the Fiskars site a few years ago maybe. I have been meaning to play around with the idea a bit and see what I could come up with. Giving credit to Lisa of course, if I use something inspired by it. One more idea for the list. Thanks Dixie! 🙂

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  40. Yup – full control is the only control as far as I’m concerned Thanks for that – I’d rather get it done by IBM then, for obvious reasons. Still want to know why it came back with Windows problems though – it really should _NOT_have at all.Black!? – I figured that the more it looks like a Mac, the more I can satisfy my Mac lust.Yea – Lenovo have a lot to live up to!

  41. Parece-me que foi o Reinaldo Azevedo que escreveu isso:O problema desse rapaz não é ser gay, é óbvio! Seu problema é ser, antes de qualquer outra coisa, muito pouco inteligente e muito pouco informado a respeito das coisas sobre as quais escreve.Tenho de discordar.Pelos menos se aí “inteligência” puder ser entendida como “esperteza”. Pois o Colling sabe das coisas sobre as quais escreveu, se não tiver sido um demônio – inteligente! – que escreveu usando o corpo dele.

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  44. I love a good market and this one is primo! Also primo is your market attire- comfortable and gorgeous. That green is going to be HUGE for Fall (I've been watching fashion show videos this week) but you wouldn't care about that- but you do look delish in that grass is greener frock! xo.

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  46. The video is hilarious – I have a friend who used to be a flight attendant and unfortunately he still responds to people that way until he has had his coffee:) Hope you have better ones:) Bonne voyage!

  47. , Feb 1:The Obama administration's plan to cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade relies heavily on so-called backdoor tax increases that will result in a bigger tax bill for middle-class families.In the 2010 budget tabled by President Barack Obama on Monday, the White House wants to let billions of dollars in tax breaks expire by the end of the year — effectively a tax hike by stealth.

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  50. TW: player-controlled torture, electric shockSurvival Crisis Z requires the player to torture people with a car battery twice in order to progress the plot. Did it once a few years ago and can’t bring myself to do so again. Revolver Ocelot isn’t someone I’d consider a good role model.(Seriously: second plot-mission of the game is “go torture someone to get the mission-giver’s stuff back, that the victim allegedly stole”. Gagh.)

  51. about sexual tension. I have had relationships with men that have had that on one side or another and not progressed that way. I have also had ones that the sexual tension went both ways and was acted upon. Those did not end so well for the most part. So, I am torn.Now off to try and comment on today’s post before I get wrapped up in life.

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  60. Every monday I'm learning how not to be in a total state of panic – reminding myself of what's important, and remembering that being absent in moderation is forgivable, and a wonderful, necessary way to show my daughters that our only choices in life aren't limited to being someone else's definition of "perfect" and martyr-like. (I'm doing NaNoWriMo too – could explain this am's panic

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  76. jodeetdeetdee:when i read your post,i actually became as petrified as when i watched "schindler's list" and saw the nazi child run her finger across her neck as the jews in trains passed by…you are the epitome of a person who is so lost that they have become just as evil as hobamahobama has given wilding bankers 750 bil while telling poor blacks they have no public option & no agenda except prisons….and that is to be cheered by u blind fools????shame!!!!!

  77. Could be? It was. The best was when gun and drug money guys got the Alt-A loan, and the bad guys would then turn around, do a fraudulent LOC, strip all the equity (plus some more) out of a property, then disappear. With all the shady mortgage brokers I’ve met, they should all be slapped with an aiding and abetting. I bet some of these guys were more than just acquaintances.

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